The Street Team began as a side project for us whilst interning at Vimeo.
Now it has consumed our lives; we live, breath, eat, and video street team.

Take it to tha street.
Jul 13

We rock REALLY hard at the office. Just get into a zone and let the sick rhythm do its thing.
Expecting a multitude of comments about the scandalous indoor umbrella scene.


Breakfast today.

  • Julia: i'm done with my breakfast.
  • Julia: you?
  • Cait: yes, done as well
  • Cait: one moment
  • Cait: checking some fanmail
  • Julia: alright
  • Julia: more like
  • Julia: turd mail
  • Cait: hate getting overloaded with this shit
  • Cait: HAHAHAH!!
  • Cait: GET IT!!?!
Jul 11

Just nug it.


Nug nug jokes are so fun!


Define: Nugget?

Whilst out walking about today, Julia and Cait were discussing the word “nugget” and decided that it would be a good idea to seek out its origin and proper definitions. Please enjoy and hold on to this “NUGGET” of information.

Video inspired by this dog. A nugget of inspiration, if you will:

Impress your friends with a Nug Nug joke!


What’s Busted Tees?


Takin’ it to tha street.